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I disconnected the battery today on my 2019 CRV as I started a project to install an under seat sub. On reconnecting the battery the system went through its usual start up diagnostic routine and everything came up back to normal, except the clock time was incorrect and on the head unit only, the digits were flashing. The time on the drivers screen was not flashing although it was the same incorrect time as on the head unit display.

Going into the clock adjust screen I could see that it was set to the correct time zone however it thought the time was 2 in the morning not 4 in the afternoon. Disconnecting the battery and letting it boot up again made no difference, nor did pushing the Factory Data Reset button.

Any ideas anyone? I kinda concerned disconnecting the battery has caused some expensive fault.

Thanks guys and girls.

PS.I got 90% of the under-seat sub installed but now I'm stuck, but I'll start a separate thread on that issue.

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