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2019 CRV Touring

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Our first CRV but not our first Honda, I will have to say that they have done their homework with keeping down the road noise. Seems like engine noise on take off is more pronounced than on other SUV's we have owned, any opinions.
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I would agree that Gen 5 CRV drive train noises aren't its strong suit. I hope future designs are much more refined.

There's a rumble on take off but RPMs tend to be low and more tolerable. For me, the worst is mid RPM band noise where the engine/cvt seems to struggle to find a happy RPM. I always come back to comparing it to the exaggerated sounds of a 2 stroke engine struggling to hold the power band. Reminds me of a chainsaw struggling to cut through a log of wood. I rarely get into the high RPM area but once there she runs and sounds like a banshee - i.e. loud and in your face!
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