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2019 Honda CR-V Touring

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I have seen some old discussions on this but never an answer so want to try again. I have a 2019 Honda CR-V Touring edition. The car has an Audio Alert that for one thing tells you if your seat belt is not connected. It works on our car but the volume is extremely low, so that if your radio is on chances are you won't hear it. It really isn't a safety issue because we always have our seat belts on but I just want to know how to control the volume in case there are other alerts that I am missing. I have gone thru the settings and the owner's manual but cannot find where to adjust this volume setting. Any ideas?
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Never seen or heard of a way to adjust volume on the alerts.

Vehicle manufacturers spend lots of time on deciding alert tones and volume so they are pleasing, not annoying and get your attention.

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The alert volume is low but is augmented by a visible display on the dashboard. Hard for the driver to miss :)

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Yep. Any beeps, squeaks, or tones are deliberately designed to get the driver to look at their instrument panel, where the actual information is displayed. :)
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