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2019 Interior panel clips.

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I just installed the illuminated door sills on our 2019 CR-V. They look great and were easy to install.

I broke a few of the yellow clips holding the kick panel and rear door sill trim. I have searched for 3 days and can not find the clips. I found every other color for every model and year. Why they make so many, who knows.

Anyone have a part number for those clips? I have searched Honda and Acura Clips, Hondapartsnow, Amazon and everywhere else. Or will any of the other clips that look exactly the same but are a different color work?

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I'd suggest just going to the dealership parts department and bring one of the broken ones with you. Be a lot less hassle than what you are doing now.

Even at full dealership prices, it's worth it not to spend hours of research trying to track down some cheap little part, when the parts counter will do this for you for free.
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