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I doubt there was a safety power kill as the LX does not have a power seat. I also don't think adjusting the seat at highway speed typically causes the engine to stall out on the EX and above. That sounds a little excessive to me, since it will likely cause more accidents than it can prevent.

Either the timing was coincidental and the seat adjustment had nothing to do with it, or something else happened that OP may not have noticed, like accidentally shifting into neutral or possibly even reverse. I wouldn't dare test it out intentionally due to potential damage, but I would not be surprised if the computer is programmed to stall the engine out if the CVT is accidentally shifted into reverse while rolling forward at a speed over 20 mph. In fact, if this feature is part of the car's design, I would expect the threshold to be a lot less than 20 mph.

It could also potentially have something to do with activating or deactivating the parking brake and/or brake hold feature. Keep in mind that if the vehicle detects the driver's seat belt is not buckled, these features act all wonky. I was stopped at a red light with brake hold activated and seat belt off, transmission in D and foot not pressed to either pedal. When I hit the accelerator, brake hold disabled as it's supposed to, but vehicle did not move because parking brake was activated before wheels could begin spinning. If seat belt had been buckled, parking brake would not have been applied. I also have 2019 LX AWD for U.S. market, built in Ontario, VIN starts with 2H.

Also, with the key remaining in the on position, power steering should not have disabled. Perhaps the key was accidentally moved to ACC while transmission remained in D or S. Moving the key to ACC inadvertently would cause the exact type of stall described by OP.

If it was just coincidental timing and there's a real problem having nothing to do with accidental/inadvertent driver inputs, it will probably stall out again under similar driving conditions (or any driving conditions for that matter). At that point, hope a dealer can replicate the problem, identify it, and repair it under warranty. Otherwise just have them document it so when it worsens later, there will be proof of when the problem first occurred.

For the time being, until it happens again, I don't think there's really anything that can be done, since we don't know the true cause of the stall.
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