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2020 Honda CRV Hybrid Rear Diff Failure - Now Fixed

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Did anyone else have the rear differential fail at under 40,000 miles?

Last Saturday I’m pulling out of a convenience store and I hear a big clunk, clunk from its differential. Then every time I would take off from a stop I would hear a clunk, clunk as my car jerked.

Took it back home and didn’t drive it until today to take it to the dealer.

The bad news is my car needs a new differential. The good news is it’s under warranty so no cost. The bad news is it is going to take some days to get the replacement.

Odd that a car with under 40k in miles has a blown differential but my car is AWD so has a wet clutch in it with two hydraulic pumps so, not just a simple differential.

Here’s a page of how the duel pump wet clutch differential works in my CRV in case anybody is curious.

Holman Honda gave me a loaner. So driving an HR-V for a few days until Honda gets a new differential.

This would have been a very expensive repair if not for the warranty. Makes me nervous that it fails again after its warranty expires
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Got my car back this morning. Asked the service tech if the differential is different in the hybrid and nonhybrid and he says exact same differential.

Would have cost $2800 to do out of warranty.

Mentioned that I was very surprised that they were able to do it so quickly with all the part shortages. He showed me a Honda Civic with 317 miles that has been there for over two months waiting for a circuit board. So I guess I'm very lucky to get it back so quickly.
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Please clear up something for me. Was this repair done under the original warranty, or was it done because you purchased an extended warranty?
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