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I wonder how many remember what happened when push button transmissions were popular the first time? If I recall, Chrysler introduced push buttons in 1956 and it was across their line and it then went to Rambler and Edsel. It was the thing to have for a while but people rejected it and as far as I know, push button transmissions ended at the end of the 1964 model years. Chrysler didn't have park on their large cars but did on their compacts (Valiant, Lancer, etc).
I remember those from my teenage years. I never realized, until I watched this week's episode of "My Classic Car," that there was no Park position push button:

BTW, I exchanged emails with Dennis Gage, host of "My Classic Car" last year. A staff member at my alma mater knows him and, after seeing my '57 Pontiac on a visit from IL to here in AZ, he mentioned Dennis. Dennis really liked my '57 Pontiac from the pictures I sent and told me he'd like to see it in person if he ever was in the Prescott Valley, AZ, area. He told me last year was his 23rd year with the program and he plans on two more to make it 25 years before he calls it quits. He loves doing it, but he spends too much time on the road to do it.
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