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2022 CR-V Hybrid Touring - does not respond to the Key FOB and I cant start the vehicle

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I have a new CR-V Hybrid with about 500 miles on it. Today it does not respond to the key FOB and I had to open the door using the physical key. Once inside I cannot start the vehicle as the start switch does not light up or respond.

The battery is fully charged.

Has anyone had such an experience? And if so, how was this resolved?

Thanks in advance
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The FOB is new
Always worth replacing the fob battery first as thats a quick fix. Doesnt matter if the one you have is new - even new button batteries can turn out to be a dud.

Replace in both key fobs, try each of them separately and report back on how you get on 馃憣
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This is worrying for a car with just 500 miles it it.
Not really - if its been sat on a forecourt for weeks/months and only charged a day or two prior to sale, it could even be that the 12v battery is done.

Replacing that is a straightforward affair :)
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