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2022 CR-V Hybrid Touring - does not respond to the Key FOB and I cant start the vehicle

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I have a new CR-V Hybrid with about 500 miles on it. Today it does not respond to the key FOB and I had to open the door using the physical key. Once inside I cannot start the vehicle as the start switch does not light up or respond.

The battery is fully charged.

Has anyone had such an experience? And if so, how was this resolved?

Thanks in advance
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Which battery was fully charged? The Fob's? The 12-volt battery? The HV battery?
Sounds like the fob battery was dead, in which case you should have been able to start it by holding the fob near the start button (see your manual).
Make sure the "other" fob is not inside the car, or near it, as well. That can cause issues.
If all else fails you have a warranty.
Oh, welcome to the Forum here.
The FOB is new and I tried both the FOB's. I checked the 12V battery under the hood. Dont know how to check the HV battery :). And I tried each of the FOB's separately.
Is there any evidence of life at all? Lights, Beeps?
You really only need the 12-volt system to "start" the car, it's starting to sound like a 12-volt issue.
It IS possible for a new fob to have a bad battery.
But if it were me my next step would be a call to my dealer.
Thank you. I have messaged the dealer. Hopefully they will resolve it in the morning.. Appreciate your responses.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts