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Cast Your Vote for September's CR-V of the Month!

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Congrats to @Coastie05, August's winner!​

Summer has almost ended, and school is officially back in session! You know what that means? It means First Day pics are our theme!

Share your photo of (or one that represents) your first day with your Honda CR-V!

We do have some basic rules:
  1. Members MUST have at least 20 posts
  2. Unless otherwise stated you may submit up to 5 photos
  3. Voting will take place the last week of the month
  4. Feel free to PM me with ideas for future themes
Winners will receive:
  1. One year of premium membership (no ads, focused browsing mode, and more)
  2. A profile badge to show off your winner status
  3. A place in the winner's gallery
  4. Their winning photo featured on the homepage until the next contest starts
Good luck to those who enter. 馃コ


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Please use the link below for discussions on ROTM:

Any posts not conforming to the rules will be deleted without warning so as not to give @AdminSupport any grief :) (y)

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Day 1: From first sight at the dealership (I had test-driven a different one but waited for them to get the one I wanted), to the moment in my driveway when I realized how tightly the side mirrors would squeeze through the garage door (which I had failed to measure)...


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Voting is now open, and it's time to choose your winner!

A big thank you to all who participated. For those who didn't qualify this month, stick around for a while and give it another go. ;)

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