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With the V getting ready to go off to college with my youngest to WVA, it was time to check and change the front brakes again. I am just shy of 170K and the 2nd set of pads on the original rotors were down to about 1/4 of their surface left. Wear was even, no gouging on the rotors, but they were the original rotors that came on the V back in 2007. Seeing that the V will spend most of the next four years in the mountains of WVA, it was time to change the rotors as well. I had a set of Centric pre scorched pads and rotors waiting for this weekend. I had changed the rear pads at 120K so we had lots of life left on those.

The only issues encountered with changing the front rotors was with the removal of the two screws holding it to the hub. I had not removed them since I bought the V and they fought. I used an impact driver and got lucky on the passenger side. Driver side, not so much. A bit of WD-40 and a couple drill bits did the trick. The bolts holding the caliper mounting bracket were easily removed with a breaker bar. The slides on the calipers moved freely on both sides and the dust boots were fully intact. A little copper grease was put on the threads of all bolts before they were torqued back down. All in all the front brakes took an hour and after rotating the tires, I spent another 20 minutes out driving and seating the new pads in.

It should be due for an oil / VTM / Tranny fluid change in the next couple weeks and I have the fluids standing by. I only hope I can remember what box they are packed in....
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