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3rd Gen Oil leak from the oil filter housing

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I have a 2011 with the K24Z motor with about 145k miles. I found an oil leak around the oil filter housing. I ordered the two gaskets (15312-R40-A01 and 91326-PL5-003) that go between the block and oil filter housing from Honda. Since I can't find a service manual, do I need any other than the two gaskets? Is it as simple remove the oil filter, take out the three bolts, clean the block and housing, swap out the two gaskets, and top off the oil? I just want to make sure that I do not need any Honda bond or silicone. The picture is a view from the top. The blue thing is the oil filter and the rust colored thing is the axle.

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Just to close the tread. I swapped out the two gaskets this weekend. I did not see any evidence of Hondabond, so just tightened the three bolts back down with the new gaskets. It seems to be sealed. I only lost about a quarter quart of oil and took about an hour.
I looked in my factory service manual. It does not specify any sealer, just clean, replace and re-assemble. FYI, I got my service manual in CD form (a pdf) from eBay for about $45 shipped. Installed it on my computer and my tablet and laptop (for when I need it at the car). It is complete - 3200+ pages. Works great. It covers all Gen3's - '07-'11.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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