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Having gotten used to having garage door opener buttons in the overhead console in Gen 2, which were a transplant from a similar vintage Odyssey, I missed it.

It does not appear that there are other Honda/Acura vehicles that have similar sized overhead console with a sunroof switch to donate the console from. I decided to install a self dimming mirror with the home link buttons. I scoured ebay and found a seller with a used Nissan Altima mirror, which is Gentex-313 mirror with home link, without compass and temperature for $35 shipped including the pigtail with the plug.

It arrived in less than 3 days. Seller labeled the wires.

The HomeLink requires constant power, which I tapped for in metal runs in the overhead console, that provide constant power to the map lights. I ran a wire from the radio harness' illumination to trigger the self dimming function when the headlights are on.

All in all, took me about an hour to solder and heat shrink the wires. The rubber molding on the side slides off and reveals a nice channel for wires between the body and the side curtain airbag. I ran a microphone wire for the hands free phone function of the radio (Pioneer AVIC), wires for the hidden radar installation (Escort Smart Radar without display). I mounted the radar display in the hole to the right of the steering wheel by popping the switch.

I rarely use the display anyway, since the radar is always connected to my phone, which it needs for communication with other Escort radars in the area.
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