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5 Speed manual transmisson help!!!!

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So my 5 speed in my 98 crv quit on me. Took it apart and about every gear was missing a tooth or more. I want to rebuild this transmission, but i can only find over hual kits with bearings and seals. If anyone knows where to buy gears and sycros or anywhere to buy one? If not that how hard would it be to swap it to a automatic?
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Any used transmission is going to have a ton of miles on it as well. But try

Other more knowledgeable people will probably have better answers for you.
Your honestly going to have to do some real digging to try and find the parts. Likely only the dealer but if you can get the part numbers you may be able to plug those I to Google and find them. There is a few websites (sorry can't remember exact URLS atm) that are basically dealerships that have a "side business" that have permission from Honda to sell older parts from the warehouses online at better prices than if you were to go to your local dealership.

I do know Honda is good about keeping spare parts. I can get anything and everything for my 2003 from my Honda dealer so far.

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A lot of those transmission parts from the dealer are discontinued at this point. With what those gears and synchronizers cost, you would quickly have more tied up in a transmission rebuild than the value of the vehicle. I don’t know if there is any aftermarket support for transmission internals for those, but that’s probably going to be your best bet. Swapping manuals for automatics/ automatics for manuals isn’t an easy job. Usually best to have a donor vehicle for the required parts. At that point, may as well just buy one with an auto in it.
Could just buy a used one. Not all are going to have high miles but would take some hunting.

And discontinued production yes, doesn't mean Honda doesn't have parts for them. You can gets parts from Honda directly for some of their oldest vehicles because their stock still hasn't been used up.

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The discontinuation information came from some of the OE wholesalers. Not everything is discontinued. But several of the gears are according to their websites.
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