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I bought this car about a year ago, used, with about 160k on it and the guy who sold it said that the transmission was recently replaced due to someone putting the wrong fluids in the wrong spots (which, where I don't remember exactly, upshot was the transmission had just been replaced). The car has run pretty well since I got it with the exception of the transmission. I'm worried about it at the moment so I thought I'd ask if anyone else had seen this behavior before. It's done several things so I'll list each of them.

At highway speeds (70-75 Mph) it had great difficulty going in to top gear until about 2 months ago. Before the tach would be pushing 3.2krpm at 70 without shifting but would occasionally shift up and drop the tach down to 2.8krpm if I pushed it hard enough on the right grade and let up on the accelerator at the right time. This more or less corrected itself a couple of months ago and now it will comfortably shift up on the freeway without too much trouble.

Just recently I've noticed that the shift from 1-2 and sometimes 2-3 has been a bit rough. If I'm accelerating slowly through the shift there is a noticeable jerk when the shift takes place but no other abnormal noises or behaviors, just the jerk.

Today I was driving some friends out on a middle-of-nowhere winding hilly road and I noticed that it had real trouble shifting and just felt weak. It had real difficulty climbing hills and rather than push the tach I just let it slow down and run at its own pace. On the way back after a stop sign I noticed a real power loss. It felt like the accelerator was hardly doing anything as I depressed it farther and farther to the floor so I let up and coasted for a second then gave it a good push again and all was fine.

There are no CEL or other dash lights and maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I'm an electrical engineer, not much of a mechanic, so I thought I'd field the question to people with more experience than I. Should I be worried? Has anyone seen this sort of behavior before?

Thanks much!
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