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98 Honda CRV ignition locked

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Need some advice on ignition locked, key won't turn, something with the anti-lock system. Gave me a little trouble yesterday for the first time, but today won't turn at all.
Read there was a recall in 2002, any help would be appreciated. H4fun
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did you try turning the steering wheel both ways a little?
Good morning Jayeffel, yes I did, and it worked yesterday , but not today at all. The ignition cylinder are kind of expense
On my '07 Ridgeline the ignition key got hard to turn (sprayed some WD40 and it helped for a short time).

The Honda shop said: $750 and you will need two keys, one for the ignition and one for the doors.

The Ridgeline Forum had some great advise which I will share...

The advise was to call around to find a locksmith that has a specialist in automotive locks/keys. I found one in about 20 minutes, made an appointment (four days before he came into the shop) and the ignition was fixed in just over an hour for $85.00.

One key still works all the locks.

WELL spent time and money.

Best to you!
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Good afternoon Rocky Mtn., that is great to know, we have one very close to us. Fortunately for me my son went on line today, and found that it could also be the key.
I thought the guy that sold me the CRV gave me two sets keys, one was not every used, well that did the trick. I guess I lucked out. Purchased a battery for it and had an extra key made for a little over 10 bucks . Back in business ! Thanks so much Honda4fun
Sometimes you win, sometimes not. Have a good day driving.
Happy endings are what we all strive for.

Great news!
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