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'99-'06 CR-V as possible new car: issues?

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Hi, all. My name's Nick, and I'm not a CR-V owner (yet). I'm in the process of looking into new-to-me cars and a '99 - '06 CR-V is currently top of my list. I was wondering if any of you have any advice on common issues, years/styles to steer clear of, or any other things that might be helpful to know prior to purchasing a Gen 1.5/2 CR-V? I'm no mechanic and am hoping for a SUV to get me to trailheads for a few years with regular maintenance/few major repairs. shows good quality index ratings for these years compared to other mid-size SUVs (main comparables being the RAV4, Grand Vitara, Forester, or Outback). Can any of you help solidify the CR-V in my mind as the right car for me, especially compared to the cars listed above?

I'm looking at the '99 - '06 range to keep it within a reasonable cost (ideally <$4500 with <150k miles. I know, a narrow window with low availability). If you know of any reputable retailers near the Denver, CO area I'd also appreciate it!

One other note: any idea how much cargo space there is in the back when the back seats are folded up and/or taken out? Thinking of car camping and expect I'd have to build a platform for my 6'1" body!
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It would take too long to list the attributes (and issues) of the two generations. Suggest looking around here, and at the Similar Threads at the bottom of each topics' pages.

That said, it is always good to get the latest of any model you are looking at (many issues are resolved by the time new generations come out).

180,000 miles on our '06, and I have to say it is the most reliable car I have ever owned!:clap:
Thanks for the response. I know there's a long list, and that's why I was mostly hoping someone could distill some major, common troublemaker issues I might be concerned about were I to get one of these - and whether they should be a deterrent. Sounds like you'd recommend it, so that's great to know!
stick with 99-01 first gen., or 05-06 second gen.
i agree 2005-2006 make sure it has no p0341 timing chain issue and all monitors are ready, it means the battery was not being disconnected or cleared with a scanner to mask a problem also make sure transmission is shifting proper and if you buy it change the inline transmission filter separate the lower and upper plastic down low 4 push clips by the bottom of the radiator with a Magnafine brand filter fits right into the original bracket perfect and change the 3.3 qts of atf drive it around a couple of miles and change it again I have been using max life atf and 10oz red lubegaurd on the second change in both my 05 and 06 crvs with no problems $18 at Walmart $10 lubegaurd Amazon, honda does recommend DW1 only,for a few years I was only using Honda fluid and changed over about a year ago based on what I was reading from other honda guys and I like how it shifts better and the price , anyway i'm ranting just the 2 weak points of the 05-06 and other years is the trans. and the timing chain and that can be prevented if people maintain/check fluid levels some use 2-3 qts of oil between 5,000 mile changes and the chain gets starved of oil after 1.5 qt low
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Thanks for the replies! I left the used market for a while to look into possible new cars like the Subaru Crosstrek but have continued to keep my eyes open for used CR-Vs in good condition. There just aren't many listed with under 150k miles at what I think is a reasonable price (~$5k). Do you think there would be a substantially larger risk with an '02 - '04? Thanks again!
The 2002-2004 are also solid vehicles, but the 2005-2006 got larger brakes, which also required a change to 16" wheels. And the 2005-2006 has a 5 speed auto transmission, vs 4 speed auto in the 2002-2004. Both were also available with 5 speed manual transmissions.

I used to estimate the value of both a 2004 a 2006 CR-V with 150,000 miles on it in good condition.

The 2004 was estimated at $3,400 to $5,300 from a private party.
The 2006 was estimated at $4,500 to $6,300 from a private party.
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