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I just bought a grandpa of a CRV with 285K on it running strong. Quite amazing if you think about it. I had a Ford focus before and I am so glad to move away from Crappy American cars. THe only thing that was good about it was the mazda engine in it LOL.

Ok, enough blab- so one thing I am trying to fix is that the A/C turns on as soon as the car turns on regardless of if the cabin fan is running or not. Turning on the fan and clicking the A/C toggle switch in the cabin on ofcourse makes no difference. I have checked to see if relays are stuck and they are not. The condenser Fan(by the engine fan) and the compressor clutch get voltage all the time so the A/C is running super cold. I am impressed with just how cold it is running considering the condensor fan is dead and needs replacing. For now I actually turn the heat on and run the fan so it does not freeze my evaporator in the cabin or damage it too much.

I don't think it is the A/C or DEF toggle switches in the cabin because it is on regardless of whether the fan is on or not, and those toggle switches in the cabin don't activate anything til the fan is on.

Could it be a bad ecm who has had an identity crisis after 285K? Anybody know where it is and what to look at?

The A/C ofcourse works "well" as it is on all the time. Though feeling can't be good for my compressor or milage. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you!!!!
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