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I've found a car listed in Illinois, and I live out of state. I'm thinking of making the four hour drive to take a look at it, and possibly purchase it if we like it.

I've tried searching a little, and found that Illinois offers a temporary interstate/intrastate transport permit for $10, good for 30 days. I know I will have to take the title to my nearest SoS office for them to flip the title over to Michigan and pay the 6% sales tax on the purchase amount, but didn't know if there was anything else involved. Usually when I buy from out-of-state dealers, they issue me a temporary plate, and then forward the paperwork a week or so later that I use to flip the title over to our state, and show proof of our state sales tax being paid as part of the purchase transaction.

Has anyone else here purchased a car from Illinois from a private seller, and registered it in another state?
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