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Hey there all,

I did a quick search but could not find the answer to my specific question.

Short story is that I have one friend who's wife currently has an '08 CRV, and they are about to buy a '12 from another acquaintance of mine.

The seller mentioned the other day that he had the symptoms mentioned in TSB 09-010 that just started last week. The deal is supposed to happen in one month for the car.
The seller just sent me an email yesterday saying that he was a little low on oil as well and since topping off his oil, all the symptoms relating to 2-3 seconds of valve cover movement on cold starts have disappeared. The seller bought the car new from the dealership. it has about 160K on it, and well maintained.

Should the buyers/sellers be concerned that this will come up again? since they also know each other I don't want my relationship with them or their relationship to be adversely affected.

Thanks all
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