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I am hoping that someone can help with a problem which is driving me crazy!:wall:

Recently the ABS and VSA lights came on, on my wife’s 2010 CR-V i-DTEC. I pulled the code using the paperclip between pins 4 & 9 on the OBD2 connector and it came back with DTC code 17 “Left-rear wheel sensor (open/short to body ground/short to power)”. Now Honda wanted nearly £200 for a sensor but I found one with good reviews and a years warranty on eBay for £35. The garage fitted this for me and I drove home with no ABS/VSA lights and no issues. The next day my wife got to the end of the road and the ABS/VSA lights all came back on again!

This time the error code was DTC 18 which is down as “Left-rear wheel sensor (electrical noise/intermittent interruption)”

My first thought was a faulty sensor, the resistance read 51.8kohms which I thought was a bit high from what I have read. I contacted the eBay seller and they agreed to send out a replacement. This read 451Mohms which I thought was much much higher than it should be. I fitted it anyway, cleared the error (Pin 4 & 9 OBD port shorted and hold brake pedal method etc. etc.) and drove down road with no lights on…till I got to about 20mph and boom lights all back on and error code 18 again.

So I decided to check Euro car parts and found they had a sensor made by Bremi for £45 and delivered same day. This looks absolutely identical to the eBay ones in every detail, I measured the resistance and it was 52kohms. I fitted this, cleared the error code and exactly the same behaviour, light on at approx. 20mph and error code 18 again.

My thoughts are either that non-Honda sensors are not worth it, but equally I don’t want to spend £200 to find out that it is still not that! The other theory I have is that the new sensors are not a snug fit in the hub (garage had to drill the old one out) and wrapping some PTFE tape or similar round the sensor may help stay solid or it is another problem with the ABS controller maybe.
Any ideas and suggestions or past experience greatly received!
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