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Welcome to the forum! Change the run cap! Sorry, just kidding. Well, we know the system is fully charged and not leaking, the clutch works, the system cools. So something must be tripping it. Is the condenser clean and free of any blocking debris? Are both radiator fans operational at both low and high speeds? The engine does not overheat, right? It could be the clutch coil is shot and drawing excess power, so test that. While you're at it, check the harness connector to make sure it is good. If the clutch coil is losing power intermittently and no fuses are blowing, there could be a loose pin or connection in that harness wiring somewhere. Then, if the pressure relief valve is not tripping and releasing gas (which can be caused by a malfunctioning clutch), check the main pressure sensor.

I highly recommend you get yourself a Honda Factory Service Manual. I have it, and it has easily paid for itself and then some. It's over 3,200 pages and has extensive troubleshooting and test procedures for all systems, including this one. I got mine off eBay, on disc, here:

2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Honda CR-V Shop Service Repair Manual CD | eBay

This one, from this same guy. Excellent deal, worth every penny! It even went down by three bucks!

Be sure and keep us up to speed on how this is going.
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