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AC issue needs some help

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I am having an issue with my AC, it works fine when the car is stopped but when I start moving, the AC slowly stops blowing cold until the air is searing hot. I have checked and it is charged. Every once in awhile, if we tap on the brake and then give it gas, the AC will start working again, my wife stumbled across that work around but it is not guaranteed. I know the 100% best solution would be getting it to a mechanic, however, I want to make sure that I exhaust all other options before I take it to a shop to fix. Also on a completely different topic, has anyone had any issues with their glove compartment latch being broken that you cannot open the glove compartment? Any help with that as well would be nice, yes have tried using the key and no luck. Main priority is to get the AC working again.
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Yep, the clutch is on the way out. Both of our '09s (same generation) failed within less than a year of each other, at around the same mileage. Very common problem. It usually takes out the relay with it--mine was fused shut when the AC clutch failed. With both, I had the dealers replace the entire compressor so I would be starting fresh, and they both blow nice and frigid now. (If you use a remanufactured compressor from Honda and have the dealer install it, you get a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty with it.)
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