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2009 Honda CR-V. Let me just start out that im a mechanic and I'm here because this one is really stumping me. Idk what else to try.
Started with no ac. Was told previous owner did valve covers and got frustrated with the low side hose and disconnected it. Check low side. No pressure. As a little compressed air and turn the compressor on for just a second. I've got pressure on the high side building. Shut it off. Let it sit looking for leaks. Find none and the gauges don't move. Pull a vacuum on the system for about 5 min. Shut off the back pump and let sit. Go to lunch come back and didn't loose any vacuum. I'm like ok cool just needs refrigerant. Put some refrigerant in it turn the AC on nothing. Compressor is on high side is a little over 300 low side right around 40 psi. Then I hear the emergency pressure valve on the compressor open up. Gauges fluctuating like crazy. Ok so there's a blockage. Replace the expansion valve. While I got the dash apart flush the evaporator core. Comes out clean. while I'm messing around under the dash I check to make sure that I can see the blend door moving and all that everything looks to be functional. Since the car had high miles (200k) the guy agreed to do the AC compressor which was original and the condenser because it's hard to flush those and get everything. Bolt it all back up replacing all o rings along the way. Recharge. Still no cold air. High side 320 low side 40 ish.

To recap. Replaced: condenser, compressor, expansion valve.
Flushed evap core.
Pulled vacuum and recharged.
Compressor is working verified by gauges.
Air coming out of vents about 80 f.

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