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Hello All - just joined and have learned so much so far from this site - so thank you all for that.

CRV is a gen 3 2010 2.2 DTEC with 155,000 on the clock. Of note is that the air con compressor does not work (but not replaced due to age of car / cost / can live without aircon)

Had an issue with the DPF warning light coming on (the one that says take to dealer). Garage said there were no fault codes (only advisory) but car was driving slower than normal. First thing I was advised to do was to put Diesel Cataclean in the fuel tank and take the car for a long spin on the motorway (1 hour). This did not clear the light.

Then took the car to a specialist who hooked it up to his computer to attempt a forced regen and could not as the air con compressor was not working. Said that the DPF was not blocked as the reading was around 10? .... and blocked would be 30ish?. He did manage to remove the advisory warning.

Going to drive on the motorway again soon and just wanted to check with regard to active regen of the DFP - will this also require the air con compressor to work or not? Would of thought it wouldn't as occupants may not always choose to have the air con on... but you guys may know better.
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