Unfortunately, we are selling our CR-V :(

As I'm selling the car without the stereo upgrades I've made, I've pulled the stereo out of the car, and now I'm left with the special adaptor, which I made to allow me to connect an external amplifier/DSP to the Touring audio system. The post can be seen here.

The adaptor is special as it's a one off, using 3D printed connectors which plug in between the cars amplifier, and male plug, allowing you to add an amplifier.

This adaptor has been made, so that it only takes an output signal from the front door speakers output on the factory amp. This means that the rear door speakers (and factory subwoofer, if left connected) are still powered by the factory amp. For my set up using the Audison DSP, a signal from the front speakers alone was enough for the Alpine amplifier, which was used to power my new front door speakers and subwoofer. The factory subwoofer wiring at the subwoofer end, was just left disconnected.

In the picture below, the black ISO plug allows you to make a loom/connection to feed your new amplifier/DSP. The brown would then be the feed from your new amplifier, back to the door speakers. For me, the Alpine R S65C.2 Components I had in the front doors were perfect with the Alpine A55V 5 channel amp. I also had a subwoofer, which was powered from the same amp in bridge mode.

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Anyway, would anyone be interested in buying the adaptor? Be aware that I'm based in Denmark, and postage (depending on where you are), could be expensive. But I can see that I can buy simple postage to the USA for about $12, or about 3 times as much with tracking and insurance.

Price for the adaptor is $50 + postage :)