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Homelink is standard on my 2017 Touring Trim.

And you know what.. I have NEVER used it either.

Reason: my garage door opener has this little clip that allows me to simply attach it to my visor and be done with all things garage door related.

Now.. I don't know if all CRVs off the factory line are pre-wired for Homelink and simply do not have the electronic module and button pad installed unless it is standard for the trim level being purchased. Seems to me though... wiring for the mirror and other possible features on the interior cabin roof... Honda would not make separate harnesses for each trim.. but the real question is are there any incremental pigtails or adapters to accommodate the Homelink module.

My view: Homelink.. one more piece of electronics to break down and need fixing, while offering almost no incremental benefit over the native remotes that come with garage door openers. and murphy of Murphys law dictates that it will fail when least desirable. Since I have a master override keypad on the outside of my garage door... remote or Homelink cannot lock me out via malfunction... but I can replace a bad remote for a few bucks.. but a new Hondalink module would be more expensive to remedy.
Disagree here, Homelink is great, no ugly separate buttons, no remote someone else can grab, no batteries to replace. Easy to set up, never fails in my experience in multiple vehicles.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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