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Another Texan, living near Austin, 2017 AWD EX-L purchased in Midland, had it about a year and half. So far only 2 of the common issues with ours, at about 15,000 miles the shifter button came off which is a pain, and at about 25,000 I started seeing the Oil dilution issues, just had the fix performed at 40,000. The car makes ~60 mile round trips every day to work and is in a warm climate so the oil issue "supposedly" shouldn't affect it, we literally never go less than 10 miles because that is the closest town to us. We have also had uneven tire wear, and the electronic brakes locked up and refused to release at one point without disconnecting the battery. So far no heat issues but the heated seats may make up for that a little as well.

On the positive side: Round Rock Honda has been great with service and helping out on the oil dilution issue as well as getting the "fix" done now that they have finally been allowed by Honda. We have a hitch on the car and towed about 1100 pounds to Lake Havasu Arizona and back last summer with no issues, towed it great, we had the car loaded down with probably 500 pounds of stuff as well. Navigation and everything has worked stupendously with none of the reported display issues, and the fuel mileage has been in the high 20's (27-29 typically) with mixed driving and around 30 highway driving as long as we aren't in the 80+mph areas of the state.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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