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I was not aware that Honda is now allowing the "fix" for Texas or other states besides the 21 originally mentioned. Is that the case? Have they issued a new TSB? If so can you or others give me a web reference? My dealer (North of Houston) said that they could not apply it.
My understanding is:

....For a vehicle that comes in to the dealership with symptomatic issues (such as misfires, instrument warning lights about the engine, whirring noises at higher RPM, etc) can and will be serviced... both for the actual issues, as well as having the TSB for OD applied. There have been a small number of vehicle owners reporting on the NHTSA website problems with misfires, whirring noises, damaged cams (probably from the misfires). Where Honda is extending the warranty under several different TSBs..... it specifically covers cams and related internally lubricated parts.

....For vehicles without issues, and OD alone is not a sufficient issue it appears, you have to wait for Honda to actually send you a letter notifying you of the TSB requesting that you take it to your nearest dealer for the update.

I have seen some discussion on the internet indicating that Honda is in the process of expanding the TSB to all states and all vehicles (which makes sense for the long term, because Honda cannot control where a vehicle travels, ends up in a new state with cold winters, etc). But again.. I imagine they are doing this in phases across the you have to wait for the letter from Honda before approaching your dealer. If you have ever read a TSB from Honda to dealers.. it is very clear why a dealership will not act on a TSB until it has been tagged to your VIN ---> Honda will not reimburse the dealer for the labor and parts on the TSB unless the VIN is registered as TSB qualified by Honda.

One thing about Honda.. they have a good track record of propagating and managing TSBs for their various vehicles.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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