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Hey everyone,

New to the site and looking for a little advice. I'm looking around for a used cr-v and hoping to spend between 2500 and 3500 dollars. I'm in Austin TX. I haven't seen a lot that gives me much hope so far. One 97 with just over 200k miles asking 2900 and a 99 with 154k asking 3700. I'd love to find a 2002 but I'm thinking my price range is going to prevent that. I'm pretty ignorant about cars and buying them so I've come to you sages for advice! I've got a few main questions.

1. Would you buy a cr-v with 200k or over? I know this essentially comes down to how well the driver maintained the car, but I'm kind of at a loss for ways to determine that outside of someone having comprehensive oil change and maintenance records for the car, but this seems pretty rare so far. What are some things I can look for to indicate a car has been well maintained? Can a mechanic assess that with confidence? Are there any repairs or replacements that would make a 200k crv seem like a good idea to you?

2. What are come important maintenance things or replacements that should have been done for a high mileage crv? I know timing belt is one, having heard that they should be replaced every 80-100k miles. I'm trying to get a list of things that typically go wrong that I can hope to avoid having to pay for later. I'm going to grad school this year and will have next to no funds for surprise auto repairs, so I'm hoping to get something as reliable as I can.

3. I'm 6'5" so leg room is super important to me. Are there major differences between the different generations or years within a generation in terms of room? Also, I test drove a 98 today, and while the legroom felt pretty good, the arm rest seemed awkwardly low. Is this the same on all generations?

And in general, any advice on buying a used car, things to look for or information on the different generations of cr-v or individual years would be MUCH appreciated. Sorry if any of this comes off as annoyingly naive, and thanks a lot for your time!

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