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well, as a few have mentioned the obvious, I can say it sounds, and looks like you’ve made a great purchase. I hope you are happy with the cost of your investment so far. I bought my 1999 V just over 9 years ago with 160000 on it. I have systematically gone through all major systems to start with a clean slate, but I had little to no records from previous owners. I would recommend that anything rubber and can’t be dated get replaced so they won’t strand you along the road. I did have my transmission let go about 5 years ago, but I paid for the rebuild and it is still running, so I feel I got some of my money’s worth on that job. I haven’t been as regular on the valve clearances, but I suppose I’ve been lucky as it seems to be doing well. Spent most of a weekend doing the timing belt last spring and whenever I see one hit the junkyard, I go see if I can use anything or replace anything overly worn on mine. Weirdly enough, the rear hatch glass nuts that hold the shock absorbers are warped a lot and if they go out, well, you won’t get in the rear door easily. Seems drivers seat and sometimes seatbelt wears on with years and mileage, rear trailing arm bushings and a pesky upper a arms on the front have been some of the only major work I found to do, replaced all four struts at the same time so I would be on a clean slate. HONDA FLUIDS, a must, right now I’m working on my power steering system, leaky hose(rubber!!!) seems to be the culprit, but torn boots can allow dirt in, so once again, RUBBER parts need checking out before they let go. I prefer the Honda oil filter, have used purolater fuel filters as well as cabin air filters, once you find the correct fitting cabin air filter, stick with it. Rockauto sells all this replaceable stuff at good prices as long as you can get it sent from a single shipping warehouse. I change my cabin air filter twice a year since I live in Houston and I’m a glutton for punishment(pita job). I’ve been less diligent on the transmission fluid, but I parked the V for 18 months, so it’s going through these things I still need to do. Honda service manual is a very smart investment, will walk you through all repairs if you choose to take them on as well as testing directions along with the maintenance schedule. I have recently replaced my electronic fuel pump and the weirdest thing, it didn’t fully go out, but hiccuped more than once so I changed it and I’m getting slightly better gas mileage from it?!?! That’s all from me, good luck with your V and remember, the age of the vehicle would mean most times anything dents or damages it will total the V in the eyes of the insurance company, but if it is merely cosmetic and doesn’t bother you and can be repaired, it would mean no car payment if you simply repaired what happened if the bad things happen over there to you.

Good morning!

I just bought 1999 EX with 137,000 miles on it to take my kids to soccer and hopefully some daily driving (I have a Scion FR-S that just isn’t up for hauling a bunch of kids to and from the muddy field). What are your top tips to keep everything in good running condition moving forward? It looks to have been maintained fairly well. Thanks!!
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