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2014 CRV AWD (my wife's baby)
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I always installed my own trailer hitches myself. Why?
- I only install Class III hitches. Not for its max towing numbers (on the hitch) but more for its 2x2" opening. Many peddle bike racks fit best in a 2x2 opening.
- I install hitches much better then factory mechanics (who are paid by "time") would. re: I use "powered" T-Connectors, plastic wire loom and lock-tight glue on all bolts / nuts.
- I can install for much less cost by shopping around and most often, buying off Amazon or e-trailer.

Some folks don't like to do this DIY install themselves.... re: They don't have the tools, don't have the know how, don't want the risk of getting crud in their eyes &/or don't like laying on their back.

Whichever works for you.
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