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Hello user, just joined since we finally decided on next vehicle for wife: a 2019 CR-V Touring ... we will get one this week.

In Canada dealer wants $1500 for hitch option - ouch! And also that is just a dealer-installed hitch: I phoned a couple dealers and Honda Canada:
Believe it or not no one can tell me the receiver size!
I am assuming it is 1-1/4 x 1-1/4" and not 2 x 2".
Can anyone confirm?

Anyways, I was therefore thinking of aftermarket: I can get a Curt 13397 hitch (with 2x2" receiver) installed for less than a third of the dealer price.
(Oops - new users can't post link, so here is the link to the Curt product if you use 2IhWFtS)

My only concern is that the Touring has the hands free liftgate option which has wiring in the area where the hitch installs (and where you have to cut a bit of the lower bumper fascia):

Does anyone have any experience with either dealer or after market hitch install on the CR-V Touring and can you confirm hands free liftgate still works after the install?

I am not too sure where the sensor is for this: it is OK if it only works off to one side and/or the other instead of in the middle.
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