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Just completed hitch/wiring install on my CR-V EXL 2019. Went for Curt 13397 installation at local U-Haul ( $80 labor) and installed myself OEM Trailer Hitch Harness ( p/n 08L91-TLA-100). Total project cost , including parts/shipments/labor/top , about $340. Went for OEM harness after verifying warranty terms with dealer. They could void warranty if third-party harness caused any problem to car electrical system. Also, all third-party harness solutions assuming that wire with connector will be "living" in spare tire well and would go under rear door threshold when connected to trailer. Workable, but not an elegant solution, in my humble opinion. OEM harness has two pieces of wiring - one (hitch harness) goes to internal tow-package connector located behind upper back panel on driver's side near back door. Second piece (socket harness) goes through the hole , located on back wall of spare tire well, outside under bumper cover. That solution allows to bring trailer connector right to hitch receiver from inside rear bumper cover. So, socket harness wire not exposed at all and hidden inside bumper cover. If anybody will utilize that solution, please remember to insert "socket harness" wire with trailer connector into hole before hitch installation. Otherwise, it is impossible to insert it when hitch already in place. Overall, result of project much exceeded expectation. Hitch completely hidden behind bumper, 2x2 receiver blended very well into rear bumper design and trailer connector from OEM kit perfectly set on top of receiver end( see attached pictures).


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