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After one year of ownership...

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I honestly don't have anything to really complain about!

Rolled off the dealer lot a year ago with a whopping 18 miles on it.
Just parked in the driveway after dinner with 35,108 (I tend to drive a lot).

Been averaging 33 MPG over all those miles (my commute is 95% freeway).

Maintenance has all been per the MM; with the exception that I always change the filter. Work done over the last year:
  • Oil change and tire rotation - 10,700 mi
  • Oil change, tire rotation, rear diff fluid - 21,000 mi
  • Oil change and tire rotation - 32,300 mi

Got the recall notice for the update to the computer for cold weather issues, but the local dealer is having trouble getting the proper software and tooling, so it hasn't been done yet.

Figured since I didn't have anything to really gripe about, I'd post a reasonably positive experience...
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Always good to see something positive! I'm surprised by how much I'm liking my CRV, never thought I'd buy an SUV, and always wanted to "Buy American" , but there it is, it's a great car! Hope you continue to enjoy yours for years to come!

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North American CR-Vs are mainly assembled in North America. My CR-V was made in Canada.

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I live in California and my CRV also was assembled in Canada. Apparently it was delivered via a combination of ship and rail. But hey.. it arrived a few days earlier then the dealer expected and it was free of any shipping damage.

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We've been so happy with mine, that we just bought another one (a 2019) for my wife - she got a promotion and now has to drive a lot more, so the leased Ridgeline wasn't going to work out long term.

Same day, my dad traded his F150 for a 2019 CR-V; parents not in best of health, climbing in truck was a safety hazard.

Of course, since the 2019s we drove off with are both the same color, same EX-L trim level, and same last name...the dealer managed to mix up some of the paperwork. That took a couple days to straighten out.

Tried to talk my dad into a white one (my wife wanted blue, mine's red) for the patriotic theme, but he wouldn't go for it.

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My 2017 CR-V Touring now has about 52,000 miles on it. It comfortable and I average between 29-31 mpg since I live in an area with a lot of hills. My commute is a combination of local roads and highway.

I have performed all necessary maintenance on it and have had no issues. I have had several TSBs and recalls on it, but none that caused me any issues. It was assembled in Ohio.

I have replaced the backup lights with LEDs and I am going to swap out the Fog Light bulbs for LEDs this weekend.

I wish they had a CR-V with the following here in the USA:

1) Power Folding Mirrors with position memory.
2) LED Fog Lights / LED Backup Lights (stock)
3) Hybrid Powertrain (> 35 mpg)
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