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Aftermarket CAI

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I have a 2002 EX and recently put in a CAI and noticed a slight boost in MPG but have also noticed my low end dragging till I hit VTECH then she wants to scoot. Is this happening because I still have stock exhaust and the isn't a large enough exit airflow?
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This is typical for CAI, it's because of the longer length of the tubing... in very non-scientific terms, there is more "dead air" in the tube that needs to be moved initially hence the low-end lag. The CR-V doesn't have a very powerful engine so there isn't much low-end to begin with. I had a CAI on a previous car, a Nissan 350Z which had plenty of low end to help with the addition of the CAI, I also had full exhaust etc. In the case of the CR-V, I wouldn't think there would really be an easy fix here, you'd have to really do a lot of work to the engine, possibly adding a turbo, in order to create a big enough boost in HP/TQ where you wouldn't notice the lag as much.

Again, very non-scientific so I apologize for using wrong terms but that is my understanding of it... hope it helped
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