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Aftermarket Fog Lights

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Trying to wire up some fog lights in my 2007 CR-V using the supplied harness with the push button switch like factory, but not...

It has a blue and white plug that clips into the upper left plug-in on the under dash fuse panel to draw power. I believe this source is used to tie into the hi/low headlights so the fog lights only operate when the headlights are on low beam. That plug is left of fuse #34 and not identified ANYWHERE...

I goofed up someplace because I have lost power on the upper right most pin in that plug and started out with power from that pin...

I cant seem to find what fuse I have blown and would very much appreciate the help.

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Ok, figured out that none of the back-lighting was working in my car, which was not evident during the day, even with the driving lights on. That at least gave me a place to look for a fuse issue. #14 it was. Still don't know what the plug is for left of fuse #34, but know that if you bump your probe across two pins, you will blow fuse #14.

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