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Aftermarket Navigation Radio for 2014 LX Base Model

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What is aftermarket Nav. (mirror link) unit that would be plug and play? Really want this to have back up camera but appears there is no way to wire in to aftermarket unit and will have to run another camera in the back.
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doesn't a 2014 lx base model have a rear view camera (displayed in imid?).
i thought reverse camera are already standard unit for all trims.

All after market radio (carplay/android compatible) have input for reverse camera. my JVC even have dual camera inputs - 1 reverse and 1 front).

Your only concern, if you have already the stock reverse camera, if you want to view the camera on the aftermarket radio is to tap and hardwire it from the imid connector terminals (video wires). But you need a schematic from hondatech for this video terminals and it will involve removal of imid display to gain access to the terminals
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