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For my 2016 CRV, I've purchased a set of roof rails from eBay. The instruction is almost useless, so I did some research online and actually found a college Hill PDF for the 08L02-T0A-100, which actually looks the same as the eBay one. I cut the molding per instruction. After the fact I realized I probably shouldn't have. The rails are soft and became wavey after bolted down and wouldn't provide a tight seal against the roof.

I just found that this link probably shows the correct method;

Now I've already installed them, that means water is going to go under the rails and into the gutter slot, is there going to be problems, such as leaks or rust?

i already threw out the box because I bought the rails from the states and brought them back to Canada. I may not be able to return it. And if I now buy the OEM rails, the total cost is going to be 5 times what I've paid now, plus the hassle of driving across the border. I've learned the lesson, it's a stupid mistake. Now I just wanted to know whether it's ok to keep the aftermarket rails.
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