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Aftermarket Roof Rails (or painting OEM ones black)

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New EX-L Gen V owner (pearl white color). I'm thinking about adding roof rails but I want them to be black. There is an aftermarket option of uncertain quality. Or, I could paint / plastidip the OEM ones, sacrilege as that might be. I'm thinking black will look better in particular with a white CRV. Thoughts / experiences?
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Tripp Knightly,
I purchased a pair of rails and crossbars off ebay last year that were black. It is obvious the rails were painted over. Did the install myself. There are small metal pieces that lock into place after installing the rails. Next to those the paint chipped a bit. I purchased a touch-up paint and all is well.

I didn't want the chrome/silver either. My CRV is the gunstock black/grey and I didn't think it would look good.

So far I'm happy with my decision. Color is good. Install was easy. Much cheaper than purchasing from Honda, and much cheaper than paying Honda to install. Used it last winter for a ski rack.

Good luck with whatever you choose.
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