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Air bags that won't go away

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Has the recall actually been issued yet? I checked three of our five cars--nothing came up on Honda's site with our VINs.

Nothing regarding Honda. The company that makes the system for Honda does for several other brands as well.
I got into it on another forum with a Ford employee. He'll never buy a Honda for his kid because of the faulty airbags. I shut him down quick by listing a dozen other manufacturers and models with the Takata "killer bombs" in them also. Should have said that at least Honda proactively recalls the cars for safety.
Have the Ford employee read the article in this thread :

In January, 2.9 million Toyota and Fiat Chrysler vehicles were recalled for potentially faulty passenger-side front airbag inflators connected with Takata. In the same month, Ford recalled 953,000 vehicles because of possibly faulty airbags.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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