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Air Fuel Ratio Sensor

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Actually how many sensors are there in a CRV 2009?
One Mechanic told me that the 'Bank 1 Sensor 1' is to be replaced.
Another mechanic said that the 'Air Fuel Ratio Sensor' is to be replaced.
Are they the same?
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Yeah. Sensor 1 is the air fuel ratio sensor.
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Bank 1 Sensor 1.
I have replaced it with NGK24835.
Now again the engine light has come up.
Now it is showing:
P1157 - Lack of downstream Heated O2 sensor (HO2S22) switch. Sensor indicates Lean (Bank #2).
What does it mean??
Silly question, but did you replace with the same part number? From my experiences Honda engine are abit finicky with the type of sensor you put in them. I use to have a V6 accord, replacing the bank 1 O2 sensor, throw a check engine light, same NGK brand just a different part number, replaced with the exact from the dealer CEL goes away. I believe this is the correct part number for it.

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