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All the dash lights and warning signs are going off!

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My wife went out to start her car and it started fine. But... all the dash lights and warning signs are going off. To turn off the motor she had to press the start button 2x or hold it in for a few seconds. Any idea what caused this? 2018 CR-V Touring w/ AWD 38,000 miles and bought new. This has never happened before (no issues ever).
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How old is your battery? That goes for the both of you here who are having trouble.
It's the original battery. Four years old.
this works for me only had the issue once and what I share to all. what is the voltage measure of your battery is it reading -11.25vdc (example) till we know, its not guessing to change the battery, its knowing the battery if its bad or not by getting it checked.
That's exactly what it's doing!
The life of today's Battery is about 36 months. remember security codes for the car if loss of power, that can lock the radio and others out. etc.

when you get your car to someone who is doing the bat, report back if its fixed
She got 49 months out of her battery, so I guess that's good. Where do I find the "security codes" you're talking about?
I replaced the battery (Costco for $109.99) and took it for a short ride. The radio and navigation work but the dash is still throwing all the same codes (see fishycomics video, post #6) as it was earlier. What's next?
How short a drive? You have to drive it for a bit for codes to clear/reset.
Maybe 15 minutes. I'll take it out longer and see what it does.
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Sometimes you need to reset the system. Two videos below might help:
I followed both videos and drove it over 50 miles. Still a problem.
OP, do you have any rodent issues in your area?
Other than a ton of squirrels, no. There are no signs of any infestation under the hood.
OP UPDATE!!! I took it to our local mechanic, and it was the "Wheel Speed Sensor- Right Front" that caused all the warning lights to go crazy. The sensor itself didn't fail, but the wire was broken. Looking at the wire it didn't appear that it was a clean cut but maybe a critter (squirrel?) bit it. There were no other gnaw marks on it, so I don't know. There were no issues the day before when my wife was driving it but the next morning, when she started it, all the warning lights came on. All I know is it cost $170.20 (parts, labor and tax) to have it repaired. I did replace the four-year-old battery ($110.00) first, but that probably would have been needed in the near future. Life is good. Thanks for all your input.
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