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What is OD?
Oil Dilution and associated matters Master thread I suggest you read this very long running and large thread from back to front, because much of the early posts are incorrect or obsolete now.

po172 error code means there is too much unburned fuel detected in the exhaust.. indicating a rich mixture. Error Code P0172 This is one of the possible code symptoms for oil level too high due to OD... so yeah.. check it.. but it needs to be discussed in the thread I linked NOT here. Moderators want all OD discussions to be conducted in the thread I have linked at the top of my post here.

Keep in mind though.. it may not be OD at all, but you do need to be aware of the condition and you should check your oil level every time you refuel and keep track of levels. If there is a continuing weak point in production quality with gen5 CRVs, it is that there have been more reports of bad injectors needing replacement than I would expect to see in a Honda engine.
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