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(Also) New to me CR-V

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Just purchased a like-new 2018 base model (LX) CR-V as a third vehicle for my wife and I. I drive a Tacoma, she drives a little 2-seat Mercedes coupe. Neither is very practical as a daily driver. We got the CR-V for a great price and for the money, couldn't be more pleased. It was first purchased on 3/2/19 and has 11k miles. I've got warranty!

My problem is I'm a big-time modder, and this isn't the easiest vehicle to find lots of information on.

First thing I'll do is add fog lights. Between the deer and the fog, these are a must-have. Hopefully there will be some folks around here who have some experience.

Also, looks like I may be out of luck replacing the head unit with an aftermarket (if I want to keep the steering wheel controls). That's slightly disappointing.

All advice is welcome!
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Welcome to the forum! I think new head units are already coming out that will work with these models, or soon will be. Keep an eye on the Mobile Electronics Section and check back at Crutchfield.
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