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American Honda Sales data

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I was expecting to update the thread I started previously with this info, but it got quickly off track and was closed, so I will post this hopes that it is respected this time.

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Great Data. Thanks for this!

Interesting to see Honda Accord doing year over year growth in sales considering almost every other manufacturer is seeing year over year declines in that category. Civic sales are down year over year though.. I wonder if the Accord is cannibalizing the Civic sales pace some.
The interesting part here is that Honda sales of Civic, Accord, and CRV amount to on average 60% of all Honda vehicles sold in America. Even with seasonal adjustments by month.. sales are up modestly... and the 60% is holding steady +/- a few points. Most of these end up equipped with the 1.5T now days so Honda is putting between 800K and 1M of that particular engine on the road each year.. just in the American Market. And all the flack over issues some owners have with the 1.5T has not regressed Honda sales at all.

The Accord in particular is in a very tough market niche (being abandoned by more and more vehicle owners for compact/midsize SUVs) ... and notably with most manufacturers down double digits in that category.. yet Honda is retaining volume. I had read that Honda was slowing production of Accords, and I think Civics as well... but this data would indicate that if that is true then it would be that Honda hoped for sales growth in declining market segments of the Accord and Civic, at least seasonally.

I am surprised that Passport sales are so flat, and low volume, and what sales there are.. appear to be cannibalizing the Pilot sales volumes.

Anyone know what Honda targets are for Acura sales? I'm kind of surprised they can make a profit on the Acura line considering the low volumes... but maybe they are more popular world wide then Honda America sales show. Since they lead with Acura for their newest technologies.. maybe they are not profitable.. but still have notable value add to Honda overall as a platform to prove newest technology releases. Or maybe they will simply homogenize the Honda/Acura lines more and more over time... making them more about trim and features rather then new technology.
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