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Android Auto texting issue

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Just got a 2019 EX, downloaded Android Auto on my galaxy 9, but not getting text messages when plugged in and on AA. Phone itself doesn't beep and nothing comes up on car screen. When just on Bluetooth or listening to radio , texts come up on car screen like in my 2016 crv. Anyone else ever have this issue? Want to use AA, but not if I don't get text messages. Thanks
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I'm using what used to known as Handcent SMS, now known as Next SMS on my Samsung S8. Had no issues using it with Android Auto, in the 18 CR-V Touring.

I suspect it is a setting issue within AA. I would open the AA app on the phone, and 1 by 1 go through te settings, I bet you will find one t hat is set wrong. Its is pretty intuitive.
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