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The article title is both provocative and misleading. It actually sounds like it was written by a couple of law firms and handed to the author so it can be published to help the law firms gen up more business from owners.

Note: Honda in recent years has been pretty proactive in sending out TSBs and notifications to owners before lawyers are able to work up a qualified class. In addtion.. the only parties that win in a class action are the lawyers... who soak up fat fees, and the owners get what they would get from Honda anyway... a remedy notification.

The issue some owners have with the head unit display has been long known, and discussed here. It would not surprise me that some law firm is able to scrounge out affected owners and form a class action. I think this one continues to linger because the cause is sporadic and not well understood... even this far into the gen5 production cycle.

The second issue.. the alleged structural crack in one owners windshield though.. that very much appears to be a one off, and I doubt any sort of class action will come from it. Nor is there sufficient information presented as to where on the glass, and how bad. It is entirely possible it was a bad windshield that should not have made it to the field. In addition, it is not even clear if this was a structural defect, or the owner was simply careless with changing out their wiper blades (if you accidentially allow the arm to swing back down on the glass.. that is sufficient force on these modern windshields and crack the glass). The best practice is to always place a piece of foam or a thick towel on the windshield before removing and replacing the wiper blade assembly.

Reading the comments to the article on the website... further confirms what I have stated above.
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