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Any experience with Ebay / Generic Rails?

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Have been toying with the idea of getting roof rails for my 2019 EXL. These won't be in heavy use, it's more just for the rare occasions like picking up a christmas tree / other rare large items. I won't be carrying Kayaks or anything like that ;)

So just curious, does anyone have experience with any of the generic Amazon or Ebay rail systems? The hardware and overall look is seems similar to OEM. I'm sure the quality is not up to par with OEM, any my guess is that the finish (chrome / paint / whatever) would probably be the weak link. Still, that said if they hold up for a couple year i'd probably be satisfied.
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What a coincidence; just the other day a local fellow was selling his Rhino-Rack roof rack / along with the attaching bike rack (found on craigslist). He claims he paid $500 and was asking $125. I simply called and asked for his best price: $75. An hour later he was assisting me in mounting it to my V. While it appears to be robust I also won't be carrying much weight on it.,SKI_1,C_34,BAG_1,BSK_5&manuf=RHINO


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