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I recently inherited an '09 CRV when my wife got a new '15 Pilot. She likes to have them dealer serviced while under warranty and that is not an argument I can win, but once I get them I do my own work. I've been thinking of getting an OBD scanner for the toolbox and while browsing around came across what looks like Honda HDS knockoffs for around $120-$150. Seems like it would be pretty cool to have that level of diagnostic ability above and beyond plain jane OBD code reading for not a lot of cash (I'm thinking of those pesky TPMS issues et al). I've searched the forum here but did not find much information. Has anyone used one of these systems? Do they work with what comes with or do you require some kind of expensive paid subscription in order to use it? I've had experience with similar knockoff modules for industrial control plc programming and they've typically worked ok - this looks a lot like those. Thanks.

edit - forgot to post example ebay item:

Newest version V3.015 Honda HDS HIM diangostic tool is affordable and powerful diagnostic tool for Honda vechiels from 1992-2014year.

Honda HDS HIM Highlights:

1. Software Version: 3.015 Software Need Activation. when you install the software, you will get ID. we offer you the key code

2. Support Honda Hybird Battery Vehicle Test.

3. Support VIN Reader and IMMO.

4. Test Coverage: Dynamical, Body, Chassis, ABS, SRS, Anti-theft, etc.

5. Honda HDS HIM supports CAN BUS system, and it can re-program the Auto ECU. This HIM is based on PC operation platform.
Notice: Operate system: XP

Honda HDS HIM Function:

1. Functions Supported by Honda/Acura Protocols
Reading and decoding fault codes from control blocks memory

Deleting fault codes

Displays system current parameters in digital form

Combined displaying of data

Management of executive devices

Logs keeping - writing and keeping of digital parameters in memory
Special functions - changing of permissible settings of blocks, programming etc.

2. Functions Supported by OBD-II Protocols
Mode $01 - Displays system current parameters in digital form (up to 8 parameters at once)

Mode $02 - Displays parameters of freeze frame

Mode $03 - Reading and decoding of fault codes from control block? memory

Mode $04 - Deleting of fault codes (memory clearing)

Mode $05 - Displays results of oxygen sensors

Mode $06 - Displays results of changeably controlled systems and components

Mode $07 - Displays results of constantly controlled systems and components

Mode $08 - Management of executive devices

Mode $09 - Displays car identification info


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I'm interested in this also. I wonder if anyone has any experience in the years since this message was posted? There are things in the service manual that the generic scan tool cannot do, so I wonder how I can have the HDS (or something similar to HDS) without going to the dealer.
Does Honda Tools service sell this to individuals not in their "authorized dealers" program?

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To answer my own question, these are your options if you want to go with official Honda supplier:
(this is a couple of years old, so it's possible the price has gone up since then. Also the Teradyne option seems gone from business now).

1. Honda Diagnostic System Tablet Tester (HDS Tablet Tester)


A portable tablet tester with a 12.1-inch, high-resolution color touch screen
A digital multimeter (DMM)
A bar code scanner wand for fast VIN entry
An integrated Honda Interface Module (HIM) for vehicle communication
A docking station that incorporates expansion ports and a built-in tablet battery charger
One-year warranty from Teradyne Diagnostic Solutions, Ltd.
Ordering Information
New unit cost is $7,795* P/N TDSGDS2200
Software is not included; order the Honda Diagnostic Software Package separately.
Projected annual cost of the software package is $840.*
NOTE: You must be a current Service Express subscriber to order the tool, to subscribe to the software updates, and to get access to the latest documentation on the use of the tool. For an overview of the HDS tool, click here to view the HDS Tester User Guide.

2. Teradyne Diagnostic System Pocket Tester Kit (Pocket Tester)


A Teradyne Diagnostic Solutions product
The same tool (hardware) used by Honda and Acura dealers
Order directly from the Teradyne Web site (

The software supplied with the Teradyne Pocket Tester is scheduled for two updates a year.
If you want exactly the same update frequency as a Honda or Acura dealer, refer to “Honda Diagnostic System (HDS) Software Package” for further details (see below).
You do not have to be a Service Express subscriber to order the Teradyne Pocket Tester or the Teradyne Pocket Tester software.

3. Honda Diagnostic System Personal Computer (PC) Software

This software turns your laptop or desktop computer into a functional diagnostic system tool capable of reading OBD diagnostic codes.

Hardware and Software requirements (PC not included)

Honda Interface Module (HIM) New - P/N EQS05A35570 - $796*, Refurbished - P/N AHM35570101R - $642* (limited to stock on hand), refer to “Control Module Reprogramming Tools” for further details
Honda Diagnostic System Software Package (not included in cost of HIM tool)
PC with RS232 port
NOTE: You must be a current Service Express subscriber to subscribe to the software updates, and to get access to the latest documentation . For an overview , click here to view the HDS Tester User Guide.
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